Rules for Free Drug Rehab

In the mind of an addict, rules are made to be broken. But, some rules are not meant to be broken when you are on the road to recovery and breaking free of the addiction that has such a strong hold over you. And so, when you’re preparing to enter free drug rehab, you might at first, have some trouble understanding that there are many rules you must follow that you probably won’t like. You’ll be tested from the very start with these rules, but you can and will succeed.

These rules are in place to protect you; to help you get back to the place in life where you need to be without distractions and potential relapse factors involved. You’ve trusted the pros at rehab to help you get better. It’s time to drop the guard and trust these rules are there only to protect and keep you safe. So, what are some of the rehab rules you’ll need to adapt to when entering an inpatient program?

No Cell Phones or Computers. In fact, you probably won’t be allowed any electronical devices inside rehab. Those that do allow them oftentimes restrict access to them. The last thing a recovering addict needs at this time is access to their connects or friends who are involved in the world of drug use. Other forms of sensitive communication may also harbor the treatment results. Privacy is yet another concern and reason for the lack of electronical devices. Photos taken of others in rehab may violate HIPPA laws.

No Relationships. When in rehab, you’ll meet many other people. You form close relationships with these people because they understand what you are going through. However, relationships are forbidden at rehabs. The purpose of rehab is to rehabilitate yourself. This requires concentration on yourself and your own issues. If you are attempting to form relationships, you are not focusing attention where it should be.

Attend All Meetings. It might seem as if there is nothing going on at rehab except meetings, but it is important that you don’t miss a single session as each is designed to be therapeutic to you and offer a different advantage.

No Drug/Alcohol Use. This is a rather obvious rule, since you are entering rehab. You might be subject to searches of your bags and other items when entering and any time after you leave the facility or have a visit with family. You may also be subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

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Restricted Activity. Some inpatient rehabs allow patients to leave the facility while others do not. When you are allowed to leave the facility, expect restrictions on the places that you may go. You won’t be able to come and go as you please, and likely will need to sign in and out, listing your destination, as a part of the rules.

It might seem like a lot to take on when you’re attempting to break free from an addiction, but it is all temporary and soon, you’ll be back to your old life and all of these great things without anyone telling you what to do, and without the addiction that weighed on your back. It’s well worth the efforts to attend and succeed in drug rehab.